December 9, 2019

Top Online Videos Platform Part-2

  1. Mediacore- Mediacore platform is very helping in distance learning initiatives at educational institutions in North America, Asia, Africa. This platform gives powerful video learning and sharing tools. It helps students and professional too for video learning. MediaCore provide easily capture, manage and share videos and it is securely across all mobiles and desktops.  
  2. Long Tail Ad Solutions (JW Player)- Long Tail Ad Solutions (JW Player) online publishing for clients ranging . The service of this platform helps companies to analyse and optimize their workflow and monetize smartly. Read also:-[]
  3. Limelight Network- Limelight Network is a top content delivery network(CDN) offering high availability, featuring a massive network footprint, with powerful cloud based software that enables organizations to deliver fast websites with the highest quality videos for both on demand and live streaming. 
  4. Flumotion- Flumotion is all-in-one scalabe platform for professionals that allows management, solutions and monetization of online video and audio on all devices. 
  5. Ensemble Video- Ensemble video is an award-winning video content management system that enables efficient, coordinated, and collaborative rich media management for a small group of users or all the users within an organization. Read also:-[]
  6. Anvato- Anvato is an End to end video streaming and Monetization platform ,that provides the most complete video management and tracking features along with player development kit. It is a provider of cloud computing technologies for the online video industries.Read also:-[]

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