December 9, 2019

The Art of Social Media- Top ten power tips

  • Optimize your profiles :- Use a compelling avatar that expresses your personality and is optimizes for viewing on Social media. Write an interesting informative bio with keyword for your area of expertise.
  • Be consistent :- Use the same bio, avatar, and username across all your social media channels so people will recognize you and be able to mention you easily.
  • Feed the content monster :- Curate great content to share with people who follow you. Limit your topics to three or four and sprinkle in topics that interest you. This will help people know why they should follow you as well as what you’re interested in to find common ground.
  • Be a multi-faceted jewel :- Don’t be one-dimensional by sharing only business content or personal opinion. You have many sides, let people get to know the real you by presenting a full picture.
  • Power your social with positivity :- Studies show that people love social media accounts that motivate and inspire others. Save your drama for your mama. People are always listening and lurking on soial media.
  • Answer questions and comments :- Respond to comments and be as helpful as possible to your social media network. Once your followers grow to a great number this becomes a challenge but it’s a high level problem to handle.
  • Pass the reshare test :- Everything you create and share should be interesting, entertaining, or informative. Think to yourself: is this worthy of being reshared? Your social media isn’t just about you.
  • Build a reciprocal network :- Social media networking works best when you build great karma by sharing other people’s content. When you share, you are building your relationship other’s by saying “you’re content is great and i’m risking my reputation by sharing it for you”. In theory, they will help you by sharing you, many times without asking, because you have done the same fir them. Pre-load your karma by being generous.
  • Ride the trends :- Follow popular hashtags, topic trends, or holidays by sharing content that fits into them. This is a form of news jacking that helps more people find your content and builds your audience.
  • Test everything :- This is the science that goes into The Art Of Social Media. Test different titles, styles of posting, new platforms, and everything you do. Don’t listen to how others tell you to do things-breaking the mold is where the magic lies for power users.

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