December 9, 2019

So what does PPC actually mean?

PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It is an advertising model,it pay when someone click on the online advertisement.
There are different type of PPC ads, but paid search ad is most common PPC ads.
These ads appears when people search for anything,that would be local search or high ended search.
Display advertising and remarketing are other different type of Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Pay-per-clik advertising Explain:-

PPC advertising is one of the face of search engine advertising. It involes paying when someone clicks on a link, as opposed to banner ads, where you pay if someone sees an ad no mattre what action they take.

How PPC ads Work:-

If someone click on an ad, the company will pay the search engine for the click.
With Google Adwords, the ads that show up search results are the ones that Google thinks are most relevant and had the highest bid among the most relevant ads.

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How much do PPC ads cost:-

The amount you pay each time someone clicks on your ad is based on a few factors.
1- The amount of competition for particular keywords.
2- Quality score: a measure of how relevant a search engine thinks your ad is

Can PPC work with SEO:-

Companies use PPC to send traffic to their sites while waiting for results from their SEO efforts.
But if you’re already at the top of search results and you have a PPC ad showing up with the results, your website will fill up a person’s screen, which nearly guarantees that people will visit your site.

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