December 14, 2019
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List of Some tools that are useful in Data Scraping — Get a complete view of web
1. Sales Intelligence- Understand who are the best customers for your service.
2. Self Testing- Test your web properties from any city in the world.
3. Brand Protection- Monitor the web for proper use of your brand to protect your intellectual property, trade marks, and pricing strategy.
4. Ad Verification – Verify ad integrity via million of residential IPs.Eliminate misleading advertisements and broken links.
5. Talent Sourcing- help job seekers and employers connect faster and more effectively.
6. Comparative intelligence- Collect prolong info with being blocked or mislead.


HabileData— Crawl the web at scale for extracting & scraping all type of information YOU NEED!

What Would You Like To Scrape?
Web scraping – data capture and extraction
Contact information extraction scraping
Scrape data from website into excel
Scraping user info from different Meetup groups
Scrape images from website
Extract profile data from social network sites
Product information extraction
Scrape text from website
Information extraction from auction sites
Real estate data extraction
Screen scraping services
Extract data from PDF
Data scraping from business directories
Email extracting service
Extracting data from Google Map
Website data extraction
Pull data from website
Extract data from social media websites
Extract details from coupon images
Scrape webpage

Areas of Expertise:

Product scraping services
Retail, eCommerce data
Blog and social media
Product Information
Govt. records (Public)
Pricing details
Potential business partners
Customer reviews
Market research and competitive data
Professionals service providers details
Entertainment sites
Event, real estate, classified
Accessories portals
Hotels and restaurant
Auction portals
Business directories
Lead generation
Job portals etc
News and press release


Agenty— Data extraction tool

1. Hosted Scraping App– Cloud hosted distributed web crawling app to extract data online
2. Data Scraping Studio– Stand alone desktop software for super-fast web extraction
3. Advanced Web Scraper– With Agenty chrome extension, you can setup scraping agents in minutes using advanced point-and-click interface to genrate selectors automatically. To get started, you need to add our extension in Chrome.



Easily Extract Any Web Data — Octoparse is a cloud-based web crawler that helps you easily extract any web data without coding. It’s easy and free!



get pepole’s email in one click


Leadworx— track of your competitors sneaking on your website.And Get information on who visited your website, delivered daily to your inbox.


Hitechbpo— Hi-Tech, deliver web research and web scraping solutions for data collection.


Promptcloud— custom Crawling
Wordpress Blog extraction
value multipliers- Host Indexing, Live Crawls, named Entity Recognition
Free data Feeds- Ecommerce Feeds, Travel Feeds, jobs Feed



Extracting and mining data from websites
Extracting website for product, services, property, insurance details etc
Scraping web information and data
Generation reliable sales leads
Collects and extract product pricing, financial data, auction info etc
Scraping data from social media websites
Competitive, market and marketing details extraction
Extracting email, address, contact number
Research, analytical, clinical, healthcare information extraction etc

===============================================================================— it will get you data from the web,the way you need it.

=============================================================================— it fulfill your all data needs by offering automation and consulting services in the field of web data extraction. No matter what your requirements are, TheWebMiner can fulfill any expectation, from one time scraping of data for only one site to daily reports about the situation of multiple competitors on the market.

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