August 25, 2019
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Privacy and Policy

  • The information collected from our site visitors when they register and subscribe with us is purely confidential & private. We collect this information just to keep track of our registered users & their activities.
  • We are bound by Right to privacy amendment act, established 24th August 2017, by the Indian constitution failing which we’ll be liable to official actions as per the norms laid under the above enactment.
  • When we collect personal information through Emails, web forms, we use it for the purpose of sending you timely feeds, updates from our site, & for responding to your question & comments.
  • We never disclose user’s private information with any third-party vendor.
  • User’s most sensitive information like passwords, PINs are never stored with us. Our user’s subscription platform doesn’t provide us the access to other user’s login information.
  • Our website uses Cookies, thereby allowing you to save your browsing history. This will be good for your future preferences.
  • By using our Website, you are also bound by ISO Data privacy rules which allows the owner of a site to block any user or subscriber, if s/he is found involved in any miscreant activity like publishing our site’s content in their name, manipulating our site’s content, or using it to spread social panic among other users or subscribers.
  • Any changes in our privacy policy will be communicated to you through an Email (the same email address which you’ve provided during the subscription).
  • We never collect additional information about our users form any third-party vendor.
  • Coming to user’s information, we only keep track of two fields, they are Username & Email address.